Have a DIY Christmas

‘Tis the season of spending money that one doesn’t have.

It’s December, which means it is officially socially acceptable to blast the jolly tunes from Michael Buble’s Christmas album. Christmas lights and decorations have already begun flooding the streets, along with the tears of broke post-secondary students.

Don’t let the season of giving be scarier than finals week. Remember, when people say   “it’s the thought that counts,” they’re only partially lying. So, it’s time to get cracking on some DIY gifts!

Pinterest is the DIY gift capital. Head there to find endless homemade gifts tips and tricks. Below is a list of just a few ideas that not only are cheap but if done correctly, could cause a few joyful tears. These ideas are particularly useful to students who have abandoned their loving parents to spend thousands of dollars on a school far away from them.

  • 365 Days of Love.

Supplies: Jar, Post-it Notes, feelings

On each Post-it Note write a quote, or a reason as to why you love the person you’re giving it too. Fold the paper in half and put it in the jar. Don’t be afraid to add a little spunk by tossing on some sparkles and beads. Each day the person will take out a piece of paper, read it, and be endlessly reminded of you and your love. This will swoon any mother more than a cashmere turtleneck could and the gift lasts right until next Christmas – bonus!

  •  “Open When” Letters.

Supplies: Envelopes, paper, sentimental moments

This sappy idea is similar to the one above, but with a twist. Buy multiple envelopes and on each envelope write things such as “open when you’re sick”, “open when you miss me” and “open when you can’t sleep.” In each envelope put things you know the person would enjoy and a small written letter that applies to the situation. This gift could be good for a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially when in a long-distance relationship. Nothing says I love you like a stack of envelopes with mysterious temptations inside.

  • Personalized Mug

Supplies: Stickers, white mug, paint, permanent marker

No one can have too many mugs, right? Right. So it’s time to get artsy and create a personalized mug for your loved one. This can go either way — if you’re in a time crunch use a permanent marker to write a personalized script on the mug, but if you have time, whip out the paint and anagram that mug. Buy a sticker with the person’s first initial, and place it on the mug. Get paint and draw designs and dots on and around the sticker. Once the paint is dry, peel the sticker off – Just like that you have a one of a kind anagrammed mug.

Don’t let your student budget refrain you from showering your loved ones with gifts. We know your mom deserves a Lamborghini, but a dollar store mug made with love should suffice.



One response to “Have a DIY Christmas

  1. I’d love a handmade mug from one of my kids. This year will be the first year spent with out them. Your ideas are wonderful. It really isn’t about money spent. Just hanging out is good too! Happy Christmas to you!!!! 🙂


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