Get in loser, we’re leaving toronto

It’s March 8th and spring still isn’t here (rude). Although this isn’t a-typical Toronto weather, I still blame the local groundhog – Wiarton Willie – for cursing us with six more weeks of dry, flaky, dead skin winter. After trudging through hail, rain and snow all in about a span of an hour, I decided it was time to kick those winter blues and plan some fun (cheap) spring trips.

Hamilton, Ontario

Surprisingly enough, Hamilton can both be described as “The Armpit of Ontario” and the “Waterfall Capital of the World.” Who doesn’t like a little variety? By taking a #HamOnt day trip you’re bound to get a wide range of experiences. If you’re wanting to chase some waterfalls (it’s hard being so original), head to the Devil’s Punch Bowl — a 35-metre ribbon waterfall located in the Stoney Creek community of Hamilton. If this doesn’t do it for you, there’s always a factory you can stand near?

Campbellford, Ontario

This weather and this semester have me considering driving two hours just to walk across a really long bridge. Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is reopening this spring and it has views that will help get you over (or temporarily forget) that exam PTSD. As you wander across the 300-foot-long suspension bridge you can brag about escaping the big city AND get those 10,000 steps in. With raving Trip Advisor reviews stating: “pretty cool and very safe,” you’d be a fool to turn this adventure down.

Heart Island, Alexandria Bay

This one is pushing it, but it all comes down to how desperate you are to get out of the city. Heart Island is over three hours away, in another country and a car won’t take you all the way there. 20 minutes east of Kingston in the Thousand Island Region, you will find Bolt Castle. As you tour through the elegant architecture and wander the enchanting grounds, it will serve as a gentle reminder that you can’t even get a text back, but a man once built A CASTLE for his wife… as a gift. I once had to e-transfer a guy $2.75. Settle for more, ladies.

Toronto Island

I get it, you’re a millennial and don’t have a car (or license?) so it’s a bit bold of me to suggest places so far away. Luckily, the Toronto Islands are just a quick 13-minute ferry ride away and they have it all: an amusement park, goats and a nude beach. For just $7.71 ($5.05 for students), you can soar across Lake Ontario and get that iconic candid photo with the Toronto Skyline. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to share your intimate island experience with 800+ screaming kids in matching t-shirts all attending a summer camp.


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