Time to Chase Waterfalls

It happened, Trumps been impeached Toronto almost had a proper spring day! I felt that five-degree weather rolling in and I knew it was time to follow my own advice (because no one else will) and go on an adventure. I found some good pals and we headed off to Hamilton to chase those falls!  After scouring Google for an easy to non-existent hike (I’m recovering from knee surgery so I’m allowed to be lazy), we landed on Tiffany Falls. The falls are located in the — get this — Tiffany Falls Conservation Area about an hour drive from Toronto.


The falls clearly didn’t get the memo spring was upon us as they were still frozen, but they were still beautiful nonetheless. “Hiking” from the parking lot (free parking, hell ya) to the falls, took roughly five minutes with a slight incline. At the end of the path, there is an observation deck with some information on the origin of the name and information on local nature. Since fashion always comes first, I was wearing booties with a small heal, a peacoat jacket and high-waisted skinny jeans. If I was able to get to this thing, then you can too.

There are upper falls as well, but it was quite challenging to get to as you have to exert yourself and climb a very steep hill. According to Toronto Hiking, the lower falls are nicer than the upper anyways, so why unnecessarily challenge yourself when you don’t have to. I’m going to pull the knee surgery card once again, but I wasn’t about put my new tendon at risk and scale a hill to see an uglier waterfall.

Considering it was a warm Saturday, the trail wasn’t too busy. The quietness may be connected to the fact that it was St. Patrick’s Day so everyone was blacking out on the streets of Hamilton rather than exploring all the city had to offer (not judging, just jealous). For a quick day trip with friends, I’d recommend this trail. Please don’t do anything stupid and get everyone banned from Tiffany Falls like we are from Albion Falls.


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