About Me

Welcome to my website, my name is Katherine Aylesworth and i’m a second year Humber College journalism: print and broadcast student. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, but packed up my things and moved to Toronto, Ontario to pursue my interest in broadcast and photography.

The entertainment industry, particularly the music component, is a huge part of why I chose to study journalism. In my option, nothing is more amazing than watching your favourite artist and bonding with complete strangers over the similar interest. Over the past three years my love for music has taken me to endless concerts and five music festivals all across Canada and in the United States.

I love travelling and going on new adventures. Growing up in Calgary, the mountains were always easily accessible, which led to weekends full of exploring. Now that i’m in Toronto, I have the opportunity to explore a whole new city.

I have had great travel opportunities, which has led me all throughout Europe and North America. I hope to one day mix my love of fashion, music, and entertainment with travel and turn my hobbies into a career.